Monitoring Services

Assisted Delivery

Equipment delivery service carried out with the presence of Kepler Weber’s technical team, aiming at providing improved safety at the beginning of the unit’s operations, after the end of the assembly, when changing operators, or after renovation.


Why take advantage of assisted delivery?

  • Solve questions about the start of equipment operation;
  • Prevent unnecessary losses by incorrectly starting the equipment;
  • Ensure good harvest yields.


Remote Client Assistance

Remote assistance is a service that is available 24/7 all year round, aiming at answering technical questions in terms of the operation, maintenance and adjustment regarding Kepler Weber equipment in an agile and fast way whenever the customer needs it.


Why take advantage of remote assistance?

  • Streamline the response time for your field-related questions;
  • Prevent delays in processing processes;
  • A highly-qualified team that is ready to assist you 24 hours a day.


Renovation monitoring

Service performed during equipment renovation in order to manage the assembly steps, ensuring that the project standards are complied with in full within the specified deadline.


Why monitor renovation assembly works?

  • Ensure the presence of people specialized in the works being executed;
  • Reduce the possibility of errors and inherent delays;
  • Comfort and safety in the delivery of good results.


Harvest Monitoring

Work carried out by Kepler Weber's specialized technical team in conjunction with the client during the harvest period in order to achieve high equipment performance, operational quality, safety and quality of processed grains.


Why monitor your harvest?

  • Ensure correct and safe operation;
  • Better financial returns;
  • Decrease general costs and energy savings.