Technical Assistance



Aimed at preventive and corrective maintenance of unit equipment, these technical inspections seek to guarantee that equipment is operated and used according to safety standards, always taking into account high performance, quality and safe operation guarantees. Work with reinspected equipment and have a smooth harvest season.


Why inspect?

  • Full inspection of parts and their operation;
  • Inspection of sensors and thermometry devices;
  • It prevents losses; Increases safety and performance guarantees;
  • Specialized services.


Equipment Maintenance

The maintenance of your equipment prevents qualitative and quantitative losses in production, focusing on assurance and profitability regarding the processing and storage of processed grains.


Why execute maintenance works?

  • Ensure the safety of equipment and people involved;
  • Prevent equipment stop times during harvests;
  • Avoid high costs with unexpected equipment breakdowns;
  • Improve the efficiency of processes;