Ensure less losses during the storage process with the most accurate grain temperature reading. Kepler Weber's digital thermometry is measured by a microchip installed directly inside the silo, digitally sending the information to you in real time. The system is integrated into the IoT KW Cloud Portal, which may be accessed from anywhere at any given time through your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.


More uniform grains throughout the drying process, which means better quality in storage. This is carried out through the automated drying system, which indicates humidity by sampling, providing data to the control panel and the IoT KW Cloud Portal.


Everything at your fingertips to take care of your operations, wherever you are. The new line of Kepler Weber control panels complies with international standards and is integrated with the IoT KW Cloud Portal, combining technology and ease so that you have control of each equipment and know how to cut back costs or increase productivity.


Monitor your storage plant anytime and anywhere with the IoT KW Cloud Portal. With this portal you have a highly advanced and modular technology in order to individually analyze each piece of equipment or your entire storage plant, preserving production quality and maintaining efficiency throughout the process.

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