Construction Materials

Engineering Risk Insurance

Insurance that protects your assembly against any possible accidents.

Partner Contractors

Your work will be assembled by qualified suppliers that have participated in our PDEK development and certification program (Kepler Contractors Development Program). Such suppliers have been trained in all the topics deemed essential for the success of your project.

Works Management

Works management will plan and manage your entire assembly project, taking into account the best strategy for carrying out all the activities involved. Works management has a team of experienced and qualified project management professionals, this benefit being available throughout the country.

Technical Support

In order to answer questions or solve problems regarding the works in progress, Kepler offers a Technical Assembly Support Room, in which a team of multi-disciplinary professionals is ready to assist you in an agile way.

Start of Operation

At the start of the operation, a Kepler Weber professional will start the equipment along with you, guiding you on the steps to turn your new equipment on and off, as well as to operate it.

Assisted Delivery

The work is delivered with the unit in full operation, including equipment performance tests and operational training for the teams, ensuring maximum unit efficiency and productivity.


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