Hopper Bottom Silos

The Hopper Bottom Silos allow for grain segregation to rationalize processing processes, in addition to speeding up reception at storage units.
A linha de silos fundo plano possui como característica o baixo custo por tonelada armazenada, sendo a melhor opção para a armazenagem de grãos a longo período.
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To make post-harvest processes more flexible and optimized, hopper bottom silos have unique technical characteristics that set them apart from other market options. In addition to its high robustness, this range of silos is available with capacities of up to 1,327 tons.

Technical Specifications

  • ”Models"
    12 to 36 (soybean/maize/rice)
  • Capacities (bags)
    384 to 23,439
  • Volume (m³)
    29 to 1,769
  • Diameters (m)
    3.6 to 10.9
  • Height (m)
    5.8 to 25.2
  • Roof inclination (º)
  • Hopper inclination (º)
    45 or 60 (SL 12 to 24) 45 (SL 30) 40 (SL 36)
  • Aeration
    Optional (centrifugal fans, use of channels)
  • Skylight Cover
    Translucent for lighting and security
  • Dispatch
    Structure available for models 15 and 18 (headroom 4.6 m)
  • Safety Standards
    NR 12 NPT 027 (configurable) NBR 6123 (up to144 km/h) ANSIS/ASAE EP 433
  • Accesses, Safety and Options
    Monorail for trolley: from silo model 24 Rescue tile: from silo model 24 Internal anchor points along the vertical Internal anchor points along the silo diameter Monopod support for lifting up to 140 kg Access doors (roof and body)

Finished Works

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