Flat Bottom Silos

Focusing on profitability and food safety, Kepler Weber’s silos are developed with the highest manufacturing technology and exclusive engineering parameters.
A linha de silos fundo plano possui como característica o baixo custo por tonelada armazenada, sendo a melhor opção para a armazenagem de grãos a longo período.
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Developed according to current standards and specific structural exclusives, Kepler Weber’s silos offer the market quality assurance in storage and operation safety, also offering the benefits of the embedded sync technology. Reliability and decision-making in the customer's hands.

Technical Specifications

  • ”Models"
    24 - 120 (soybean/maize) | 48 - 60 - 72 - 90 (rice)
  • Capacity (bags)
    2,430 to 371,840
  • Volume (m³)
    183 to 28,063
  • Diameters (m)
    7.3 to 36.4
  • Heights (m)
    5.8 to 34.3
  • Roof inclination (º)
  • Aeration
    Big channel, small channel, false square bottom, total false bottom
  • Skylight Cover
    Translucent for lighting and security
  • Thermometry
    Digital (microchip)
  • Grain spreader on load
    Kinetic or motorized
  • Ladders
    Marine-type ladder and winding stairway
  • Safety Standards
    NR 12 | NPT 027 (configurable) | NBR 6123 (up to 144 km/h) | ANSIS/ASAE EP 433
  • Connectivity
    -Portable: digital thermometry with portable reading via Bluetooth and mobile application -Digital Plus: digital thermometry with real-time information accessible via the KW Cloud application -Automatic: management of operational aeration functionalities
  • Accesses, Safety and Options
    Trolley monorail Rescue tile Internal anchor points along the vertical Internal anchor points along the silo diameter Monopod support (for lifting up to 140 kg) Wind rings Access doors (roof and body)

Finished Works

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