Chain Conveyor (TCRA)

The Chain Conveyor was designed to meet high handling capacities, taking into account a closed system, without damage to the environment.
A linha de silos fundo plano possui como característica o baixo custo por tonelada armazenada, sendo a melhor opção para a armazenagem de grãos a longo período.
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Developed in order to meet high handling capacities, the Chain Conveyor has explosion-proof sensors that ensure the safety of the equipment. Maintenance accesses observe current regulations, always aiming at people’s safety and equipment operation.

Technical Specifications

  • ”Models"
    TCRA 600 | 700 | 1000 | 1500
  • Products
    Grains | Sugar
  • Grain capacities (t/h)
    400 to 1500
  • Sugar capacities (t/h)
    460 to 1500
  • Maximum Height (m)
  • Speed (m/s)
    0.4 to 0.69
  • Body
    Single or double
  • Operation with inclination (°)
    Up to 12°. Above 12° we have the BULK-FLOW Conveyor available (on request)
  • Sensors
    Explosion-proof sensors (movement, temperature, bushing)
  • Safety
    Starting alarm | Local control button | Emergency key
  • Valves
    Motorized | Pneumatic
  • Drives
    With high and low coupling: Reducer and Motor
  • Unloading Settings
    Allows multiple discharge points and flow regulation
  • Safety Standards
    NR 12

Finished Works

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