Belt Conveyor (CT)

Used for horizontal transportation, belt conveyors are versatile and robust, suitable for their functions, guaranteeing a longer service life for the equipment.
A linha de silos fundo plano possui como característica o baixo custo por tonelada armazenada, sendo a melhor opção para a armazenagem de grãos a longo período.
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Along its length, the Belt Conveyors allow for the loading and unloading of products, as necessary for each layout. With a metal structure and galvanized finish, the belts operate with smooth and silent movements, ensuring safety and efficiency in transportation. The line of Belt Conveyors can be connected to the sync platform.

Technical Specifications

  • Conveyor Belt Models
    16 - 20 - 24 - 27 - 30
  • Capacities (t/h)
    48 to 320 (rice) | 60 to 400 (soybean and maize)
  • Length (m)
    6 to 150
  • Chain
    2 or 3 antistatic and flameproof tarps
  • Turnbuckle
    Manual (up to 49.5 m) Automatic (50 to 99.5 m) Return Branch (100 to 150 m)
  • Modulation (m)
  • Installed power (hp)
    3 to 20
  • Safety Standards
    It aims to comply with NR 12
  • Sensors
    Movement Temperature
  • Unloading
    Standard Tripper
  • Load
    Continuous gutter Hopper
  • Connectivity
    Optional Version with IoT panel that monitors the equipment's sensors

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