Metallic Structures

Always aiming at safety and operational capability, the metallic structures are part of the solution for port and transshipment projects, being developed according to the needs imposed by each project.
A linha de silos fundo plano possui como característica o baixo custo por tonelada armazenada, sendo a melhor opção para a armazenagem de grãos a longo período.
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The towers, galleries and pillars ensure the safe circulation of people and support to equipment. They have access ladders, guardrails and protection screens, according to safety standards. The catwalks can be open or closed, and their finish is defined according to the installation environment.

Technical Specifications

  • Types
    Towers and Galleries
  • Tower
    -Access stairs (45°) -Partial or complete closure -Monorail beam (optional) -Guardrail according to NR-12 -Walkway as requested
  • Gallery
    -Open or closed -Bottom protection -Skirting board -Walkway as requested

Finished Works

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