KW Dryer line dryers

The Kepler Weber grain dryers ensure a quick and economical drying process, always taking into account the sustainability and safety of the process.
A linha de silos fundo plano possui como característica o baixo custo por tonelada armazenada, sendo a melhor opção para a armazenagem de grãos a longo período.
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”They were developed for better energy yield and drying

Technical Specifications

  • Soybean and Corn Models
    Dryer 20 to 200
  • Rice Models
    Dryer 750 to 3800
  • Airflows
    R (Cooling), CIR (Recirculated Whole Column), CI (Whole Column)
  • Capacities (t/h) - R Flow
    20 to 200 (soybean) | 15 to 150 (maize)
  • Capacities (t/h) - CIR Flow
    50 to 250 (soybean) | 38 to 188 (maize)
  • Capacities (t/h) - CI Flow
    5 to 58 (rice)
  • Capture
  • Installed Power (hp) - R Flow
    30 to 320
  • Installed Power (hp) - CIR Flow
    80 to 400
  • Installed Power (hp) - CI Flow
    25 to 210
  • Level Sensors
    Minimum, intermediate and maximum
  • Temperature Sensors
    Drying air, grain mass and exhaust air
  • Load
    Gravity or conveyor
  • Particulate emission (mg/Nm³)
    17 (complies with current legislation)
  • Safety Standards
    NR 12 | NPT 027 (configurable)
  • Connectivity
    Versions: -Drying monitoring -Drying temperature control -Drying automation
  • Characteristics
    It monitors the operation for better performance of drying It monitors how many t/h are being offloaded Safety in operation with drying quality Event alarms and preventive maintenance

Finished Works

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