KW Dryew

Kepler Weber

see here the grain
flow drying tower

Loading system

Giving more uniformity to the loading, the system is controlled by level sensors. The higher capacity dryers are prepared for loading through a chain conveyor, with motorized valve.

Particles collection

Exclusive technique, vórtex collection system has a geometry which minimizes the system’s load loss, increasing the efficiency of particles retention.

Ventilation system

The fans were developed to supply the high efficiency demand of the vórtex collection system and the drying tower.

Drying tower

The exclusive design provides high energetic efficiency and better use of the thermal energy. It is proven to be more efficient to ensure the individualized grain flow per column, generating temperature uniformity and higher quality of the grain mass.


Diffusers prepared for the assembly in blocks, along with the tower. Process that streamlines the assembly time in up to 30%.

Impurities collection

All impurities are taken to the decantation funnels, which are prepared for bagging in bags or mechanization, providing easy operation. The system has a gate at the outlet, which doses the impurities.

Unloading system

Unloading through trays with speed and amplitude adjustment, allowing for flow versatility. The individualized trays system enables uniformity on the grains outflow at the tower, during drying.

Unloading funnel

The unloading funnel is coated, what provides noise reduction and preserves the physical intergity of the grains.

Lower structure

The metallic lower structure is built with structural steel, giving robustness and high resistance to the dryer.


Available in two options: standard and manager. With market standard components, they monitor the temperature and control the unloading. The manager option also controls the heat generation, and is prepared for drying automation and interconnection with supervisory system.