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Kepler Weber is the only Brazilian company in the segment
that offers Technical Assistance and After-Sales services,
with specialized service in all national territory.
Our three parts distribution centers ensure fast and
efficient delivery.
The company also has the Kepler Technological
Center – CETEK, in Panambi/RS.
CETEK operates with state-of-the-art equipment
and a highly qualified multidisciplinary team that
develops projects with unique technology in
Brazil, result of partnerships with international
research centers.
Integrated solutions that empower results.
This is the purpose of
Kepler Weber
when developing complete
projects for each customer in the segments of
grain storage and
bulk handling
, offering technology and higher productivity allied
to safety at equipment operation.
With an
agile structure
manufacturing capacity
processmore than
100 thousand tons of steel per year
, it
serves fromsmall farmers to big industries.
The constant and significant investment in innovation,
the qualified teamand the force of the brand are keys
to the important role performed by Kepler Weber in the
world agroindustry.
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