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agility at receipt
grain segregation
The receipt process consists of the arrival of grain load at the
storage unit, through trucks that unload the product into the
hopper, where the grains remain deposited before following the
processing flow.
The traditional hopper is constructed throughdeepexcavations
with high costs and long construction time, to bear a large
volume of grains.
By using the Combined Chain Conveyors (TCRC) by Kepler
Weber it is possible to reduce the excavations, using smaller
hoppers, and to remove the grains more quickly, reducing the
construction costs.
The high capacity TCRCs were developed to offer more agility
and versatility, allowing for emptying the hopper quickly and
leading the grains to the correct processing, in pre-cleaning
machines or segregation silos, ensuring the correct conditions
to the sanity and quality of grains.
Grains harvested from the tillage present
different moisture and impurity content
conditions during harvest. By thinking about
this situation, Kepler Weber provides a line
of Hopper Bottom Silos of up to 1300 tons of
capacity, whichmay be used to separate grains
of different conditions, what enables the receipt
of dry and moist product simultaneously, and
gives the adequate treatment to grains through
the aeration system.
The separation permits the rationalization of
further processes, such as drying, leading the
loads to the dryer with uniform inlet moisture,
generating gain of time and drying yield.
• Reduction of enclosed
• Reduction of
civil foundation
• Reduction of
• Simple
offers the customers the best solutions to obtain themaximumat their businesses and
ensure better results at grain storage.
Each sector of the unit aims to enhance the production in postharvest processes, increasing profits at the
/ smart storage
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